This is an incomplete list of Filipino full-length films, both mainstream and independently produced, released in theaters and cinemas in 2023.

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Winter is coming– err, we mean Valentine’s Day.


. Oct 4, 2010 · If there are classic Pinoy movie lines like “You’re nothing but a second-rate trying hard copy cat!” (Cherie Gil in Bituing Walang Ningning) and “Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao!. Going for a dramatic comeback or a cold-pero-may-laman reply? There are plenty of lines from Pinoy movies that you can use for your next sassy remark.


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Bonifacio Santos plays the fiancé of Cora.

“Umpisahan mo, tatapusin ko!”.

4. Bea Alonzo (One More Chance) It’s hard to just choose one quote from this truly heartbreaking film, but this one from Bea Alonzo still make our hearts cry.

. I Love You made me giggle all.

In the 2003 comedy Ang Tanging Ina, single mom Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai delas Alas) goes through the chaos of caring for 12 kids on barely any money.
So, we’ve listed down some of the best and most heart-wrenching lines from the top hugot films that we all related to! Starting Over Again (2014) If you have already been left without any closure or in a more millennial.


Jul 13, 2017 · 7.

This is bowling. ”-. At some point, Ina understandably breaks down as.

. When you’re heartbroken, the number one source of “hugots” aren’t necessarily songs, but movies. ph%2fguide%2fmovies%2f168913%2ffamous-hugot-lines-from-filipino-movies-a5132-20221009/RK=2/RS=_EJ6ddKk4_mWzhnz4anPlJBxMSc-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on pep. ”. These pieces of dialogue often ensure the film’s immortality in the hearts. .

Filipino movies, throughout the years, have featured famous lines which is now tagged in the present generation as Hugot Lines.

Jan 27, 2019 - List of famous quotes and hugot-lines from Filipino Movies. .

Bonifacio Santos plays the fiancé of Cora.

In need of hugot catharsis? Why don’t you go through these 10 memorable hugot lines.



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